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What is Knowledge NOW and Why Did We Create It?

Post by Abhishek Bhuyan Jul 30, 2020

Reinventing the way we consume cybersecurity news

There are more ways to consume cybersecurity news from more sources than ever before. It’s impossible for researchers to keep up with the news, much less the threats themselves, and be able to make sense of it all.

News aggregation tools like Feedly, Pocket, and Flipboard make it simple to follow one’s RSS feed or to organize favourite sources in one place, if we already know what to subscribe. Content-based curators like The Hacker News or Threatpost are great if we want to understand the gist of a threat, but to further research, one would still need to refer the original sources or spend time searching for more relevant references around the same story.

And of course, Twitter adds immediate, trending and first-hand information about topics ranging from vulnerabilities, zero-days, data breaches, malwares, and exploits to threat actors and campaigns. Social media remains one of the most sought-out sources for SOC analysts, active red-teamers and threat hunters. But again, you need to know who to follow.

Same with Google. You don’t see what’s trending across all of cybersecurity, and it’s not easy to filter on specific topics (like data breach, vulnerability, etc.) that interest you most. You need to know what to search for.

All in all, you could spend lots of time researching threat topics. Yet, there would still be a high chance you’ll miss news that matters the most because your current tools lack the features or depth of intelligence that security practitioners, CISOs, CIOs, and SecOps need.

Most professionals also want automation built in that helps them understand known and unknown threats with greater context to resolve potential issues faster.

Netenrich’s Knowledge Now (KNOW), a free AI-based threat intelligence news aggregator, does just that by providing a broader and deeper context of emerging threats and attacks – in one place. KNOW correlates global news around a specific threat by adding diverse perspectives from different publishers.

For example, recent news hit about a Garmin ransomware attack. KNOW curated related articles from different publishers and social media into one comprehensive analysis (see below). The threat information added automated threat context from these articles as shown via TAGS.

KNOW malware topic


Each KNOW story card helps you understand and explore different perspectives and data points to gain a broader understanding of the threat. The quick snippet intel for threat context could indicate the gist of associated risks.

In the screenshot below, we see WastedLocker ransomware linked to the known threat actor group Evil Corp along with a ransomware sample sighting.

KNOW topic with threat context
KNOW Malware Story Card With Threat Context

With no shortage of threat data—and a perennial shortage of time—KNOW’s AI turns data into meaningful information and real-time contextual intelligence (insight into methods, attack vectors or technical indicators of malicious activity).

KNOW fills the gap making it easier and faster to understand and track emerging and relevant threats in context. Beyond just the news, one can move past the who, what and when to explore the most daunting task in intelligence analysis, the why and how. Try KNOW for free to learn more about potential threats and vulnerabilities faster. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates delivered to your inbox.


Abhishek Bhuyan

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