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KNOW What Happened This Week – MobiKwik Hack, Hades, and Evil Corp

Post by Sneden Michael Apr 09, 2021

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Seems like the cyber criminals keep getting ahead, and even enterprises with dedicated IT security teams are not completely safe. This week we share the recap and a few tangible insights into what recently happened in the cybersecurity world – Mobikwik data breach, hades, and evil corp. Our news aggregator and proprietary threat intelligence platform KNOW shares everything trending in cybersecurity space and helps you understand exactly what you are dealing with for FREE.

MobiKwik suffers data breach – probably one of the largest KYC data leak

MobiKwik, a fintech platform from India has been in the news for suffering a massive data breach. According to cybersecurity researchers, over 3.5 million customer’s data is leaked on the dark web. However, the company denied any breach and shared a statement ensuring safety of company and user data.

According to the updated from independent researchers, sensitive information such as the mobile phone numbers, email, bank account details, credit card numbers, etc. has been leaked. MobiKwik is in denial of the reports, but several security researchers have asserted to over 8.2TB the size of data being leaked on the dark web.

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The MobiKwik breach – why scary?

As per the latest statement by their Founder, Bipin Preet Singh, MobiKwik will be hiring third party to conduct a forensic data security audit. Potentially 3.5 million customer’s sensitive data in the hands of cyber criminals is definitely scary. Yes, there are strict rules and regulations for consumer data and enterprises do well to abide by these laws, but what about the things that are outside their purview? Is there a way enterprises can ensure that they see an attacker, attack vectors, trending malwares, vulnerabilities, and patterns before being hit by a tragedy? Well, it’s no more scary when it comes to knowing the most trending cybersecurity insights.

KNOW, a threat intelligence platform and cybersecurity news aggregator combined with ASI (attack surface intelligence) from Netenrich, helps organizations to continuously understand the digital exposure, prioritize risks, and remediate issues before being exposed and manipulated by cyber criminals.

Hades: Do you know this Ransomware?

Hades recently surfaced on the news, and our KNOW platform has just the right amount of insights to help you. Our recent post shared details about Hafnium, and gave more context about this threat actor group that mainly targets the Microsoft Exchange Servers. It turns out that Hafnium APT group might just be working under the disguise of Hades.

Why is Hades trending?

Trucking giant Forward Air, fell victim to Hades and ended up losing millions of dollars to this ransomware attack. This ransomware attack resulted in the company losing around $7.5 million in revenue. Hades has also been linked to the Evil Corp, a notorious Russian cybercrime operation. Reporters suggested that the attackers behind Hades target specific industries and operate as a group. Focusing mainly on manufacturing industries, the group attempts to squeeze out $5 – 10 million from the victims.

Hades references from KNOW

Hades references from KNOW

Total references: 1000

Last 60 days: 692

Previous 7 days: 73

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Evil Corp: Continues to hit exchange servers

Evil Corp was in the news for attacking an insurance giant, CNA. Evil Corp is considered to be one of the worlds largest and a harmful hacking group. The group has successfully stolen millions of dollars from hundreds of bank accounts spread across the globe. Recently, CNA had to temporarily take down its website and shut down the systems due to a novel ransomware attack. According to the company’s statement, this network caused network disruptions and impacted CNA systems and also the corporate mails.

Evil Corp Overview from KNOW

Evil Corp Overview from KNOW

Evil Corp reference from KNOW

Evil Corp reference from KNOW

Total references: 4000

Last 60 days: 128

Last 7 days: 13

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KNOW the latest cybersecurity news

Almost every tool/software claims to be the best but we all know the reality, the truth is far from speculations. In reality, what works for some may not exactly be needed or useful for others. But what makes KNOW different is the versatility that it adds to aggregating and sharing the most trending cybersec news and insights. Here you will find a complete overview, reference, context, and news to help you constantly stay up-to-date with the latest and critical security insights.

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Do you also feel that attack surface of your organization is growing faster than your security operations team? Limited budgets and increasing skill gaps also limit the extent to which security teams can secure assets within the organization and the ones that lie outside your security’s purview.  With the combination of threat and attack surface intelligence, Netenrich helps you  to effectively addresses the above and several other issues.

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