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BlackShadow: Do You KNOW About The Shirbit Ransomware Attack?

Post by rajarshi Dec 09, 2020

Shirbit, the Israel-based insurance giants, have been hit by a massive ransomware attack. The group responsible appears to be the BlackShadow group. KNOW, Netenrich’s cybersecurity news aggregator and threat intel platform, featured this incident in its top stories section.

blackshadow threat intel overview

Details of the BlackShadow Shirbit hack?

BlackShadow took over Shirbit’s IT infrastructure on December 1 and requested a ransom of 200 BTC. Initially, the hackers asked for 50 BTC, but the company refused to comply with the attackers’ demands. Afterward, BlackShadow announced that they would increase the amount over time.

On December 3, 2020, the attackers started to leak sensitive data. The data included employees’ and customers’ private information. Shortly after the leak, Shirbit issued the following statement:

“The company has a full backup that is not damaged, and the initial investigation shows that the information stolen will not cause damage to the company’s customers. The company has acted to protect information resources in accordance with the directives of the authorities, and is also now fully coordinated with them.”

Twitter reacts to BlackShadow Shirbit hack

#1 The Jerusalem Post

#2 Mihoko Matsubara

#3 Adam Milstein


BlackShadow references from KNOW

blackshadow threat intelligence references

  • Total references: 168
  • Last 60 days: 39
  • Previous 7 days: 39

KNOW it all and protect yourself from BlackShadow

KNOW first. Act fast.

KNOW is not just a news aggregator but it also happens to be a threat intel dashboard. It is designed to help you get all the relevant insights from the global threat landscape.

Your SecOps and IT Ops teams work tirelessly to fix every security loophole, yet adversaries manage to go through. It is challenging to identify the relevant threats from the thousands that pop in every now and then. Here’s what Netenrich adds to the security landscape.

Netenrich’s resolution intelligence uses a combination of threat and attack surface intelligence that effectively addresses the following pain points:

  • Firstly, your organization’s attack surface is growing faster than your SecOps team and budget.
  • Threat actors can see exposed assets that lie outside your security’s purview.
  • There is a severe lack of talent and skill gaps are getting wider than ever before.
  • Attacks are more frequent and it only takes one to inflict severe, irreversible damage on your organization and business reputation.

Would you like to stay up to date with the trending threats and empower your SecOps team?

Latest Threats Intel

What exactly is resolution intelligence, and what will it do for you?

Quick Sneak Peek

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